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Ohio Community Rights Network fights for local government rights

May 31, 2017

“Years before conceived its Western Reserve project to push for fair representation in northern Ohio, a grassroots group drafted its own declaration of self-governance to launch a fight for local control.

“We have been stripped of the right to be able to participate in a basic piece of democracy – writing the laws,” O’Dell said in an interview. That job has fallen into the hands of corporations and other outside influencers who have the cash to drastically influence laws to be made in their favor, she said.

The network’s goal is to “start a grassroots movement in the state, starting locally and educating residents how to assert their right to alter, reform and even abolish their current form of government,” O’Dell said. “Our inalienable rights are higher law than any law passed by a legislature,” she said.

Read the rest of the article BY Jane Morice here.


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