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The NCRN has plenty of resources available to help communities understand why our laws and culture elevate property, commerce, and so-called "corporate rights" over people, communities, and nature. 

Suggested Reading


How Wealth Rules the Wolrd: Saving Communities and Freedoms from the Dictatorship of Property 

By Ben Price · 2019

Ben Price reveals that our Constitution and legal system were intentionally designed to give more rights to the wealthy propertied class than the rest of us. Price exposes how this hamstrings our ability to effectively address a host of pressing social and environmental problems - and what we can do about it.  

Help! I've Been Colonized and I Can't Get Up!

By Jane Anne Morris · 2005

Morris gives an overview of Constitutional obstacles that face those of us in the US seeking to fashion a sustainable world. She explains how the US Constitution most often and most effectively has been used to protect corporate persons — corporations not human beings.

By The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund · 2005

1. The Spirit of ‘73 and the Right to Local Self-Government
2. A Celebration of NIMBY – “Not in my backyard . . . not in ANY backyard!”
3. Firing Big Green
4. American Independence and the Community Rights Movement
5. The Fickleness of Democracy – The Empty Barricades of Citizens United

6. The myth of Community Rights 

7. Why Corporate “Rights” Matter

Community Rights Papers

Common Sense


Trying to protect your community from environmental harms such as fracking, or social justice harms, such as unfair elections? Check out Common Sense from CELDF and learn how our decision-making authority has been stripped – and what communities across the country are doing about it. CELDF's organizing primer is for volunteers, activists, community groups, and others working for change. Learn how to bring Community Rights to your community!

Continuing the Conversation: Is Nature a Part of You and Your Community?

Continuing the Conversation: Is Nature a Part of You and Your Community?

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