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Houston: A Global Warning

From the August 31, 2017 RollingStone article:

“The simple truth is, it’s not just Houston that’s done a poor job of thinking about the future – it’s all of us. We’ve spent 40 years denying the risks of climate change, thinking that if we can just get everyone to buy a Prius and recycle their plastic, everything will be OK. The message of Hurricane Harvey is that it will not be OK. We’re living in a new world now, and we better get ready. Mother Nature is coming for us.”

These continuing disasters highlight the fact that corporate privilege comes before community rights in a government that WE THOUGHT and WERE TAUGHT was created for the service and benefit of WE THE PEOPLE. NOW we know better and it is up to us to create communities for a livable future.

Please help elevate Nature and Community Rights over corporate rights at the national level, the state level and ESPECIALLY at your local level. It ALL begins at the local level!


Susie Beiersdorfer, president of NCRN


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