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The National Community Rights Network (NCRN) is a central resource for advancing a movement for local self-government through community rights. 

Rights-based organizing empowers communities to elevate the rights of people and nature over illegitimate corporate rights that impede local and direct democracy. 

Community Rights

Only when we realize that we are trapped in a fixed system can we begin to create new organizational strategies to work for what we envision within our communities, instead of compromising for what we don’t want.


This is a grassroots movement and we continue to work for true protections, not “stronger” regulations that legalize and allow the harm. This new era of organizing allows community members to be decision-makers. 


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Rights of Nature

Natural ecosystems have an inalienable right to not only exist but to flourish. Rights of Nature is not a new concept; however, its acceptance and implementation in the legal framework is a recent global phenomenon. The Rights of Nature Movement is a call to recognize our dependence on nature by protecting life-sustaining ecosystems and by granting our natural resources necessary legal protection and enforceable rights to ensure its health as well as our own survival. Through Rights of Nature, we ensure its ability and right to thrive and prosper rather than to be used as a mere tool of industry and corporate profit. 

February 2019

Toledo, Ohio citizens approve the Lake Erie Bill of Rights. This is the first rights of nature law for a specific ecosystem passed in the US. 

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