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Letter to the Editor: Local Self-Governance and Self-Actualization

Local Self-Government before and still has the answers solving problems of State and Local

Municipalities since colonial times. People have governance when they organize their talents of

respectable residence coming forward through natural obligation to the people where they live. I

have to thank our representatives for the good endeavors in the work they accomplish. Seeking

to bring to mind the purpose of self-governance and the specifics of its requirements. I have to

turn to Thomas Jefferson, on the conditions for self-government written in Michael Reber’s

paper on, American Principles of Self- Government, 1933.

Thomas Jefferson quotes the word self-actualization and that freedom with discipline entitles

one to speak. A pure republic is a state of society in which every member with wisdom and of a

sound mind has the equal right to be involved in the direction of affairs of society. Equality

doesn’t make mankind free and that freedom entitles individuals to develop into self-actualized

persons. Governance is an obligation not a right, neither a compact agreement.

Self-actualization develops from freedom of information well understood, qualifies a person to

participate in governance and points to the reason for rotational representation in the seats of

government. Those members who do not conduct themselves by the virtue of noble qualities of

the community cannot lead an orderly General Court, hold Judiciary duties nor seats of

municipal service. Leadership comes by your average people, professionals, working class etc.,

who think of themselves as part of the community being of the same mind, restrained, sensible

whose agreements founded on brotherly love reaching the greater good of the community first,

qualitatively diverse that encourages the self realization of hopes in the best interest of the


The NHCRN is a non-profit organization working for communities toward the vision of self

determination in your community and can be reached at

Douglas Darrell Ctr. Barnstead, NH.

This LTE was submitted by NCRN New Hampshire Board member, Doug Darrell


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