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2017 Ohio Community Rights Movement

“Marching doesn’t make change. Change happens locally at our own home” says Tish O’Dell, Ohio’s state Community Rights Movement coordinator during her update of the movement’s Ohio organizing. “Changing the system does.”

Tish gives the following updates:

  1. Youngstown’s Fair and Free Elections Bill which limits corporate control of elections by limiting campaign financial contributions to registered voters within the city and caps donations at $100.

  2. Commencement of petition circulation for Youngstown’s Drinking Water Protection Community Bill of Rights.Right to a Livable Climate Bill of Rights initiated by a Bowling Green State University environmental group and Ohio residents.

  3. Lake Erie Bill of Rights initiated by Toledoans for Safe WaterMedina County Community Bill of Rights home rule charter banning the Nexus Pipeline.

  4. Athens and Portage Counties’ Community Bills of Rights home rule charters banning drilling waste dumping.Columbus Community Bill of Rights banning radioactive fracking drill cutting dumping, currently slated to be piled in a landfill within the Columbus watershed.

  5. House Bill 463 was passed to keep Community Bills of Rights off the Ballot.Individual environmental and social issues are symptoms of a bigger problem. What really are movements and what are we willing to do?


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